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Journal of the American College of Cardiology: Validation of BVI against BMI

March, 2022

Fat distribution better predicts metabolic dysregulation than the Body Mass Index (BMI). The 3D Body Volume Index (BVI) scanner is normally used to assess body shapes and sizes. We hypothesized that an index BVI volume can reliably predict...

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Technology Networks: Leading the Race To Replace BMI

January, 2020

More than half of adults are incorrectly classified as obese and overweight through BMI. In the US alone this equates to 54 million adults...

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Fashion United: UK Sizing Survey

June, 2018

A universal sizing system could soon take over the high street as retailers including Asos, New Look, River Island and Next have partnered with Shape GB, a revolutionary body volume system for measurement...

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You Magazine: ShapeGB

June 2018

UK retailers are signing up to this much needed universal sizing campaign...


Independent: The End of Badly Fitting Clothes

June, 2018

Being a size 10 in one shop and a size 14 in another is a common dilemma faced by countless shoppers across the UK, one that a new initiative has set out to change...

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Men's Journal: A New App Is Here to Finally Slay BMI for Good

April, 2017

By now you’ve probably consigned fitness tools like shake weights and vibrating abs belts to the junk drawer. Get ready to toss another one in there: body mass index, aka BMI...

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WLEP: Malvern-based Select Research launches revolutionary new health application in America

May, 2017

Malvern-based Select Research have successfully launched their newly-developed Body Volume Index (BVI)™ application in America...

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Digital Trends: Mayo Clinic-supported app aims to replace BMI with more accurate metric

May, 2017

It’s no secret that Body Mass Index is an imperfect measure of an individual’s health — and that’s not terribly surprising, given the fact that the standard was developed nearly 200 years ago...

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Aston University: Body Volume Index (BVI) measurement

Feb, 2016

The Body Volume Index (BVI), designed by Select Research, uses a 3D white-light scanner to calculate risk factors associated with a person's body shape and type, through analysis of weight and body fat distribution...

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OAT: Welcome body volume index; Bye-bye body mass index!

January, 2015

Science keeps growing with changes. Otherwise,  it becomes history. This applies to an important variable that is very often used in the field of medicine and health sciences namely; body mass index (BMI). BMI is related particularly, to cardiovascular and metabolic health risks...

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American Diabetes Association: 
Time to Replace Body Mass Index (BMI)

June, 2008

Body Volume Index (BVI) is a totally new, reproducible and novel concept allowing estimation of an individual’s body part volumes using a 3D body scanner...

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