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Research Projects

Blond women using measuring tape to tailor clothing

SizeUK - The first-ever national sizing survey using 3D technology

In 2001, Select Research was commissioned to manage the first-ever national sizing survey to use 3D scanning technology ...

Newspaper clipping showing the Sizing Campaign ran by Select Research and Marks and Spencers

Sizing Standards for M&S

Between 1997, and 2001, Select Research managed four large sizing projects for M&S, at the time the largest clothing retailer in the UK ...

Image showing Body shape change in a young child

The Body Volume Index (BVI) 2007 - 2023

The development of the Body Volume Index, or BVI, commenced in 2007 as a new alternative obesity measurement to the Body Mass Index (BMI) ...

ShapeGB children's shape data

The First Ever National Childrenswear Survey in 3D

Between 2008 and 2010, Select Research Ltd set up and managed the first-ever children’s survey using 3D technology...

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