Select Research are recognised as one of the leading companies in the world for 3D human body measurement, pioneering the use of 3D scanning in healthcare, wellness & fitness. In recent years, Select Research has applied 3D scanning to the measurement of obesity and its associated risks to our health. This has been achieved using the Body Volume System.

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What We Do

With roots in the retail and healthcare sector, Select Research has undertaken a diverse range of projects, each giving a fascinating insight into the world we live in.

In recent years, Select Research has refined the process of 3D scanning of the human body and applied this to the measurement of obesity and its associated risks to our health. This has been done using the Body Volume System, the foundation of the Body Volume Indicator; a potential alternative to the Body Mass Index. Awareness of this has been growing rapidly, both in the NHS and the public sector, with numerous potential benefits and uses.


The headquarters and the main team of Select Research are based in Malvern, part of the UK's central technology belt. BVI America, the business set up in Philadelphia by Select, has a team managed by Jackie Fulmer, to deliver the body volume technology across the USA. 

Richard Barnes; CEO/Founder

Richard has pioneered 3D body measurement and is the creative 'mastermind' behind BVI.  Securing patents in the US and each of the 28 European countries,  he has engaged successfully with scientists in the US at Mayo Clinic and in the UK with the Medical Research Council and the University of Westminster to create a new system that is both exciting and ground-breaking in Healthcare, Wellness and Fitness. The Body Volume indicator has been refined to produce a global, unique and brilliant mobile technology solution, without the burden of costly hardware.

Lorren Wyatt; Managing Director

Lorren is leading commercial operations and product development working to guarantee full business potential.

His previous experience as a main board Director of FTSE 100 companies and leading global technology businesses has allowed him to develop the strong foundation and corporate process within Select and BVI America. He has world-wide technology experience and has held 'C' positions in US corporations.

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Select Research is registered in the UK and the registered number of the company is 2921698

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