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Specialists in Digital Human Body Measurement

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For over 25 years, Select Research have been experts in human body measurement, pioneering the use of 3D scanning in sizing standards for clothing and in healthcare, wellness & fitness. 


Recently, Select Research has applied 3D scanning to the measurement of obesity and the associated risks to our health. This has been achieved using the revolutionary Body Volume System.

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What We Do

Over the last 25 years, we have managed large projects for clients such as Next, M&S, Lycra and for the UK Government on sizing standards for clothing. 


Since 2004, we have developed the Body Volume Index (BVI) as a new measurement for obesity and health risk. This has involved collaboration with leading healthcare providers from around the world.

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Research & Projects

The Body Volume Index

The Body Volume Index (BVI) is a revolutionary new measurement, designed using 3D technology to create a viable, modern-day API to measure obesity and predict health risk.


After 15 years of R&D, BVI is a powerful digital tool which calculates, monitors and tracks key health risk indicators - over and above BMI.

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Body Measurements

Your Shape

Select are the most experienced company in the world for the measurement of people for retail sizing standards. We will be releasing an industry standard solution in 2023 to help retailers make better fitting clothes and reduce their returns. 


If you are interested in receiving this solution when it is available, please register your details below.

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